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About Us

This is who we are.

AstraTech is a Lesotho, ICT, and business solution, provider. Established in late 2016 to steer customers through the next generation of business innovation powered by technology with state-of-the-art business automation, software development, and consultation services.

AstraTech is a unique software engineering company that does not go where the path may lead, but instead, goes where there is no path and leaves a trail for others to follow. We are committed to doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Our Strengths

Security and Reliability

We deliver secure, reliable, and scalable applications that help businesses excel in today’s rapidly evolving economy.

Satisfy Clients

Gain client satisfaction by fully understanding and addressing our client’s requirements within the minimal time-to-market, while assuring a steady quality by guaranteeing high quality of our deliverables.

Continuous Learning

Maintain continuous improvement by promoting a learning environment, and ensuring that our employees are exposed to, and trained on state-of-the-art technologies. Our processes are continuously monitored and improved to maximize productivity.

Best Tools, Methods & Practices

Utilize object-oriented analysis, design, and testing methodologies; ensure seamless integration and traceability between the project’s requirements, design, development, quality assurance, and delivery.


This is what we do and offer.

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