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Custom Development

Software Technology has become an integral component and core differentiator for enterprises. Effectively delivering on the challenges in a highly connected, IT enabled world is critical to your business’s success.


At Astratech, we specialise in the specification, design, development and support of custom enterprise systems and applications across all industry sectors, and have successfully delivered  custom solutions to an ever increasing blue-chip client base. We have a strong track record of delivering high quality software on time and within budget across a wide range of industries.


When we build systems we strive for ease of use, robustness, and maintainability, allowing for the application to evolve with our client’s business. Most importantly, we provide a quality service, with quality people, bring a deep level of intellectual property and experience to our projects, and take pride in the fact that we very seldom miss a deadline. We utilize industry best practices in project management, analysis, development, deployment, and support to ensure world-class solutions.

Furthermore, to ensure a high level of technical competency, every one of our engineers holds a bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science or engineering, and are put through a number of ongoing training and professional development programmes at Astratech. Our agile approach and knowledge transfer structures guarantee forward-thinking solutions that scale with your business.


Our expertise covers requirements analysis, the development of databases, integration of complex business logic, and presentation layers such as the web, mobile and desktop environments. Our analysts are able to effectively communicate and interpret business needs and align these with the long-term vision of the business. Requirements elicitation and documentation services include the delivery of business, functional and technical documentation as well as product test planning, execution, and quality assurance services.

Our primary area of specialization is in the development of enterprise-scale systems and applications on both the Microsoft and JAVA/Oracle technology stacks, however, we are technology agnostic and work in whatever environment our client’s businesses are constrained to.

Tailored Engagements

Our engagements are tailored to our client’s specific needs with the flexibility of co-sourcing and outsourcing models or combinations thereof:

Co-sourcing: Involves augmenting our software engineers and analysts with existing development teams. In order to guarantee results, our preferred mode of operation is for our team and technical leads to take ownership of project delivery. Our team-based approach ensures all resources are managed from a performance and technical perspective.

Outsourcing: Involves our in-house teams taking full ownership of projects with end-to-end lifecycle management including analysis, development, testing, hosting, and maintenance. The benefit of an outsourced engagement is our teams have deep “on the ground” management support and direct access to best-of-breed technologies, processes, and methodologies.