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Modern organizations require technology to be an enabler. By providing industry-aligned insights, Astratech can maximize the return on your technology investments.






Astratech utilises a best-practice consulting framework to introduce a standardised approach to all technical aspects of your business, focusing on software development and operations.

Our consulting approach facilitates an informed decision-making process by providing you with an impartial view of your organization’s technology and management landscape. Entelect uses a structured approach to consulting which starts with a briefing involving key stakeholders to ascertain the main focus areas and required outcomes. These may include technical reviews, audits and assessments, strategy alignment, development operations audits, or due diligence exercises. Experienced consultants review these areas and provide detailed analyses and possible solutions. A presentation and outcomes document is provided to support decision-making.

We aim to provide a program that improves the performance and business impact of your IT investments. Our investigation of your systems and organizational structures provides detailed coverage of a range of critical areas, which include but are not limited to:

  • Software development lifecycle management
  • Architecture and design audits and guidance
  • Development operations and services
  • Continuous delivery
  • Software quality assurance
  • Technology management
  • Skills management and coaching.